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 Regular Adult  $30

JOIN  with us and  make our community a better place.

Youth W/ Crisis $15 

Youth W/O Crisis $10

BECOME A MEMBER  and support the cause of educational, social, political and economic justice for all.

BECOME A VOLUNTEER and serve on one of the important committees where the work of the NAACP gets things accomplished. Without the committees, nothing gets done. So pick a committee and get to work.

Thank you for donating to our Youngstown Branch.  You are helping to build the next great generation of leaders, and giving young people the chance to receive an excellent education, enter college or their chosen career ready to compete with confidence and become world class leaders.

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EDUCATION: The Civil Right Road to Economic Empowerment & Crime Prevention.

1350 Fifth Ave. Suite 202


OH  44504

Tel: 330-782-9777

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